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Honoring Veterans

Sites and museums bring Alabama’s military history to life By Marilyn Jones Throughout Alabama, museums and historic sites are dedicated to honoring military veterans as well as the state’s military history. Visiting parks, museums and attending re-enactments offer a look back in state and American history. From the Revolutionary War, Creek War and Civil War […] Read more

Going solo: Find adventure, friends and fun when traveling alone

By Marilyn Jones I never thought I would travel alone, but as a single retired woman I soon realized if I was going to travel, I wasn’t always going to have a companion. In the last four years I’ve taken numerous road trips and traveled all over the world alone. This is what I learned […] Read more

Carnegie’s legacy lives on in Alabama

By Marilyn Jones I had just finished touring the Bessemer Hall of History Museum when my tour guide, Trisston Burrows, asked if I knew they also had a Carnegie Library. “It now serves as the chamber of commerce office and we’re very proud of it.” I drove the few blocks to see what once served […] Read more

Scientific Alabama

Science centers combine education with fun By Marilyn Jones Anyone who thinks science is only for grad students and university professors has never been to a science center and watched children — toddlers to teens — completely immerse themselves in the fun of scientific exploration. Just ask John Hall. Well, he can only say “moo” […] Read more

Traveling with grandchildren

A new generation, a new experience By Marilyn Jones I became a grandmother Jan. 12, 2015, when Ainsley Hazel Moore arrived. One of my dreams for this sweet little girl is for her to enjoy the excitement and adventure of travel like I do and I think she has a pretty good start. She visited eight states […] Read more

The melody will always live on

Museums document Alabama’s music history By Marilyn Jones Music evokes mood and memory. It is a form of celebration; the cadence of life. It is found in every culture, varying only by its creators, the times and its delivery. It helps us express ourselves. In Alabama, several museums showcase the talents of our citizens — past […] Read more

Helen Keller’s birthplace

A pilgrimage of wonder and respect By Marilyn Jones A modest white clapboard house on the edge of Tuscumbia was home to Captain Arthur H. Keller, his wife Kate Adams and their toddler, Helen, who was born June 27, 1880. Their lives were happy and idyllic until, at the age of 19 months, Helen was […] Read more

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Alabama legacy

Florence’s Rosenbaum home is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Alabama legacy |View more photos here| By Marilyn Jones The sign along Riverview Drive in Florence marks a brown house looking like several building blocks arranged side by side as the Frank Lloyd Wright Rosenbaum House and my destination. I have long been fascinated with Wright, the man as […] Read more

Alabama Trivia

One interesting fact after another What do Jan. 4 and Mardi Gras have in common? Well, Jan. 4 is National Trivia Day, and the first Mardi Gras in America was held in Mobile starting in 1703. That’s 15 years before New Orleans was founded and a bit of trivia Alabamians might like to know. That’s […] Read more

Christmas on the Gulf

By Marilyn Jones Editor’s note: Travel writer Marilyn Jones visited coastal Alabama last December and found several events visitors can enjoy during the holiday season. Our first stop is Fort Gaines and what is billed as “Christmas Through the Ages.” Located on Dauphin Island, a barrier island at the mouth of Mobile Bay, there is […] Read more