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Artist Talk with Chuck Mathews

Date(s) - 08/18/2018
4:00 am - 5:00 am

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

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Join us to meet artist Chuck Mathews and hear him talk about his North Floor Gallery exhibit, I Think My Art Knows Which Way To Go. The event is free to attend. Chuck will talk about his work and his process as well as answer questions.

From the artist:

I see my paintings as bookmarks resting in chaos that surrounds me. They are pauses that lead me to fragmented insights by mixing internal and external relationships. I start painting without a lot of advance planning. I quickly compose what I see and look at my surroundings as lines, shapes, and colors rather than trees or physical objects. The works become their own visual stories by using elements and principles of art.

A bookmark is a resting place that lets me walk away to analyze my work deciding whether to continue or stop working or start a new work. Reality frequently steps in to distract from my musings such as mowing the yard or taking my dog for a walk. It is symbolic of leaving or returning to a saved place. They reveal new places to enlighten me when opened. Every new painting is opening a door to an adventure in possibilities. I am very interested in the interplay and passage of time. My subjects I paint are constantly changing in minute details and this is what I try to capture in my paintings. I feel my work has its roots in Expressionism.

Chuck’s themes are related to the immediate moments when he creates art. Concerned with working directly with his subjects he explores the effects of time and layers on his works. Showing art professionally since 1974 he has experimented with sculpture, installation projects, collaborative works, live art and photography and video. He resides in Huntsville, Alabama. He has a Bachelors degree in Painting and Drawing and a Masters degree in Art Education. Chuck received a Fulbright Scholarship to study art and traveled extensively throughout Turkey with several artists and teachers. He’s worked in the Solar Panel industry, Space Shuttle industry, and in Education as an Art teacher teaching photography, video and fundamentals of art.