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Artist Talk with Nathan Harper

Date(s) - 08/25/2018
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

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Join us to meet artist Nathan Harper and hear him talk about his Third Floor East Gallery exhibit, In Houses of Clay. The event is free to attend. Nathan will talk about his work and his process as well as answer questions.

From the artist:

The concept of ritual is a key place of interest for me. Ritual is a uniquely human thing. It is a space where the line between the conceptual and the physical begin to dissolve. Yet we see these places as separate religious things and fail to look at our everyday as spiritual. Spirituality is vastly important to humanity and yet it is not observed often. It is like a wallpaper pattern meant to exist without being looked at with closeness or diligence of mind. In my work, I want to confront viewers with seemingly contradictory ideas married together to challenge the contexts we project. If we are confronted with the idea that we project spirituality we then see that it is an idea that we have ownership of and it can exist in many ways and in many context unthought of before. How would code writing be any less capable of being a vehicle for the spiritual than scripture or poetry? Or a computer-generated animation any less capable of have mindfulness and meditative qualities than hymns or mantras? These rituals are seemingly separate but are in fact the same thing, humans exploring the conceptual world through the physical experiences.