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Jonathan Brown and Birds with Teeth

Date(s) - 07/01/2017
12:00 am

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

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A few years ago Jonathan switched focus from spoken word to Hip Hop. On stage he is a rhinoceros, trouncing about, on the page he’s an alchemist, transmuting vulnerability into a source of peace. He’s a prism splitting light in all directions. A tasty mix of Hip Hop and Punk Rock, he’s shared the stage with Milo, Sage Francis, Saul Williams, Sole Sadistik, Weerd Science, Bluebird, and Blueprint.

Jonathan was a high school English teacher for eight years, and now he tours the country doing rocks shows. Opening for Jonathan is Birds With Teeth a blues-poetry-percussion trio that mixes music, spoken word, and improvisational elements into a soulful, passionate sound. The Birds With Teeth are Shawn Webster, Robert Daniel and Kimberly Casey. Admission is $10 in the Flying Monkey Arts theatre, second floor south. Enter open doors: 11, 16 or 22. More info: