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Alabama Snapshots: Horsing Around

  Submit Your Images! October Theme: “Halloween Costumes” Deadline for October: August 31 Submit photos online: or send color photos with a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Photos, Alabama Living, P.O. Box 244014 Montgomery, AL 36124 Rules: Alabama Living will pay $10 for photos that best match our theme of the month. Photos may also [...]

Social Security: Earnings Record

It pays to keep a careful eye on your earnings record By Kylle’ McKinney Whether you’re ready to retire, just joining the workforce, or somewhere in between, regularly reviewing your Social Security earnings record could make a big difference when it’s time to collect your retirement benefits. Just think, in some situations, if an employer did [...]

Alabama’s Health: Scope of Nurse Practitioners

Expand scope of practice for nurse practitioners The lack of primary care physician service in rural Alabama is well documented.  Fifty-two of Alabama’s 54 rural counties are currently classified by the Health Resources and Services Administration as having a shortage of such physician service. When a county or sub-county area is classified as a shortage [...]

Broiler farms feed Alabama’s top agriculture industry

By Ellie Isbell Whether grilled or fried, wings or strips, there’s no doubt that Alabamians cherish America’s most popular entrée — chicken. Meeting that demand is no small feat, and thousands of Alabama farm families raise poultry. Some farmers grow pullets, or young hens, to produce eggs for broiler, or meat-type, operations. There are also [...]

Organic Farming

  Farmers see increased interest in natural growing methods By M.J. Ellington An Elmore County farmer said he wanted a theological reason to explain his career choice, so he got a master’s degree from Duke Divinity School so he could explain his decision. “I felt called to farm and I needed to have a theological [...]

A hero for horse owners

Northwest Alabama’s Life Data Labs helps horses around the world By Jennifer Crossley Howard On first stepping into the manufacturing plant at Life Data Labs, the clean, earthy aroma of teatree oil and alfalfa remind you of a natural foods store. But this place is actually one of the most sought-after animal nutrition and healthcare [...]

Nick relies on five stars; Gus relies on one

By Brad Bradford Emeril Lagasse is one of the best chefs in the Southeast.  He has access to the best kitchens, the best meat, the best equipment and the best staff.  Emeril worked hard to get where he is today, but my Aunt Berta may be just as good, given the same resources. The SEC [...]

Charging Ahead

Why more Americans are driving electric vehicles Question: My son and his wife just bought an electric vehicle. I was surprised to learn that the cost of their new electric vehicle was comparable to a gasoline-powered car.  I need to replace my car in a few years and would like to learn more about electric [...]

Alabama People: Renee Simmons Raney

Teaching nature the imaginative way Renee Simmons Raney grew up on a farm near Choccolocco, Ala., where she learned about the wonders of nature. Ever since, she’s dedicated her life to educating people about nature in unique ways. Recently, she left a job with the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust to accept the position of park operations [...]

Sweet Home Alabama in New York City

Alabama’s Department of Travel and Tourism staged a week of high profile promotions on the streets of New York City in June to attract visitors to the state. Similar to promotions held in previous years, this year’s event focused on giving potential visitors a vision of what Alabama offers, and provided a vivid look at [...]

Salad Days

Growing lettuces in the heat of summer and all year round By Katie Jackson This is such an excellent time to make cool, refreshing salads with the many summer fruits and vegetables currently available from home gardens and produce stands, but don’t forget that we can also add crisp homegrown salad greens to our plates, [...]

For the future

Helping preserve critical habitats to keep them wild With vast wild acreage of diverse habitats ranging from tidal marshes to mountain forests, Alabama offers sportsmen abundant places to enjoy the outdoors. A little help from one non-profit organization can keep some of that habitat permanently wild. Based in Piedmont, Ala., the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust helps [...]

Recipes: Summer Salads

By Jennifer Kornegay Salads are sound choices for the season’s profusion of produce Salads of all stripes are ideal meals for this time of year. For one, they are wonderful ways to make the most of the best foods that summers in the South offer us: sweet, crunchy corn; cool, juicy watermelon; crisp peppers; refreshing [...]

Hardy Jackson’s Alabama: Life before air conditioning

Who remembers life before A/C? The other day was the anniversary of the birth or death or something-or-other of Willis Carrier. And who, pray tell, was Willis Carrier? Why the inventor of air conditioning, that’s who. Down here in Dixie we should celebrate. Our states should declare a holiday. We should have a big cookout [...]

Worth the drive: Joe’s Pizza

Story and photos by Aaron Tanner The little town of Woodville in Jackson County might be the last place you’d expect to find a restaurant that serves pizza made with love by a family from Chicago. Joe’s Pizza is a small building with only a few places for sitting, both inside and outside, but it [...]

Alabama to see partial eclipse Aug. 21

A total eclipse of the sun will be visible across all North America on Monday, Aug. 21, weather permitting. The entire continent will experience a partial eclipse lasting two to three hours. Anyone within a 70-mile wide path stretching through 14 states from Oregon to South Carolina will experience a total eclipse. In Alabama, the [...]