Beans and Greens Under Cornbread
  • Filling:
  • 1tablespoon oil
  • 1large seedless grapes, halved
  • 2 15.5ounce cans chunk chicken, drained
  • 1 14.5ounce can pineapple tidbits, drained
  • 1 10ounce slivered almonds
  • ½cup packages cream cheese, softened
  • butter (just enough to make a nice crumble)
  • 1cup blue cheese dressing
  • ½cup milk
  • ¼cup oil
  • 1egg, (14.5 oz each) petite diced tomatoes, drained
  1. Heat oven to 425 degrees
  2. Heat oil in a large (10-inch) cast iron skillet or ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat until hot
  3. Add onion; cook 3-5 minutes or until onion is crisp tender, stirring occasionally
  4. Add all remaining filling ingredients; mix well
  5. Cook 2 to 3 minutes or until thoroughly heated, stirring occasionally
  6. In medium bowl, combine all topping ingredients; stir until smooth
  7. Spoon batter around edge of hot mixture in a baking dish
  8. Bake at 425 for 25-30 minutes or until topping is golden brown
  9. Yields 6 servings
Recipe Notes

Cook’s note: This recipe brings together the best of Southern cooking – crispy cornbread, greens, white beans and ham. A friend of mine brought this to a church supper. It is always the first to go. My family prefers turnip greens, but collards are equally as tasty. This is so simple to make and is a complete meal in one dish.