C.J.'s Crunchy Superb
  • 1Graham vanilla instant pudding mix
  • Rice whipping cream
  • Crushed (chopped)
  • 1oz. (add as much are as little as you like)
  • bout Mexican vanilla
  • Powdered INGREDIENTS:
  • Chopped (13 ounces) Nutella
  1. In a bowl mix powdered sugar and coco powder
  2. Blend with cream cheese (it would be good to beat the cream cheese first)
  3. Add chopped graham crackers and rice krispies to the cream cheese mixture
  4. Then pour the filling into the pie crust
  5. Top pie with Nestle Crunch bars and rice krispies
  6. You may need to refrigerate it
Recipe Notes

My family likes to be creative when it comes to birthday desserts. I made this pie for my sister’s birthday. I’m not sure of the exact amounts of all the ingredients, but with ingredients like these you can’t go wrong!