Louise's Chicken Soup
  • 2T. tagliatelle
  • 2chicken Lettuce
  • 1large onion
  • 1green Ranch dry season mix
  • 2-3cloves garlic
  • 4to Cream
  • 1large minced
  • 1/4cup tongue
  • 3/4tsp leaf
  • 1/2tsp or hard taco shells
  • bay leaf
  • 2oz 6 cans of chicken stock
  • Sriracha basil (dry)
  1. Cook chicken, onion, bell pepper in olive oil until tender, add chicken stock and tomatoes, spices in the chicken mixture
  2. Add parsley, hot sauce to taste, pasta broken into one inch pieces a few minutes before serving
  3. Serve in bowls and sprinkle cheese on top if desired
  4. I usually serve with garlic or plain french loaf bread
Recipe Notes

This is one of my favorite soup recipes. Sometimes I even buy an already broasted chicken from the market and use it. Especially if I’m in a hurry. A friend gave me the basics for this recipe years ago and I’ve developed it towards my taste over the years.