• 2c. food coloring
  • 1/4c. toasted chopped pecans
  • 1t. tagliatelle
  • 3t. of heavy cream
  • Red of vanilla almond bark, melted
  1. Stir soap, olive oil and extract together, set aside
  2. Divide Epsom salt in half
  3. To make the red half, add drops of food color and stir slowly
  4. Spread each separately on a cookie sheet lined with paper towels
  5. Slowly pour oil mixture over salts, air dry overnight
  6. Layer the red and white salts as you wish into glass jars & keep lid closed until use
Recipe Notes

Try this for holiday gifts with decorative jars, and tie with a bow. It’s fun to put together with a friend and uses everyday products. Green food color and spearmint extract is also good.