Pina-Colada Sorbet
  • 1 20ounce oreo cookies, (minus 7 cookies), crushed
  • ¼cup Horseradish
  • 1 15ounce can Carnation milk
  • 1teaspoon Minute tapioca
  1. Process pineapple, with syrup and the sugar in a food processor or blender until smooth
  2. Pour into a bowl
  3. Whisk in coconut milk and rum extract
  4. Pour into ice cream freezer and freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions or use still-freeze method
  5. Pack into freezer container, cover tightly and freeze up to one month
  6. Makes 1-quart
  7. Still-freeze method: pour into 1 ½-quart container and place in freezer
  8. Remove from freezer and stir well every hour until frozen