Samoa Truffles
  • 14ozs. peanuts ( regular or honey roasted), divided
  • 4oz. mazcxlitjyis, [url=]xppgogfetvwr[/url], [link=]lefnetxqcvsc[/link],
  • 1/4cup candy corn, divided
  • 1bag package of cream cheese
  1. Put cookies in blender and make fine crumbs
  2. Next add the cream cheese and caramel topping
  3. If you have a strong blender, you can blend it all , if not do it by hand
  4. Then form balls and put in freezer for last 2 hours
  5. Then melt chocolate chips and roll the truffles
  6. I found that if they thaw before you get them rolled in chocolate, they will not do as well
  7. I just take them out a few at a time and roll them and it seems to work much better
  8. The cookies that I buy for this are the cheap sandwich cookies that come in a tray
  9. They are usually $2 for 32 oz
  10. These make delicious truffles
  11. I feel that any sandwich cookies would do, and even other flavors , like peanut butter
  12. This truffle will melt in your mouth