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Recipe : Entry # 4643
Cathy Dabbs
Recipe Title
Crispy Salmon Cakes
Recipe Theme
Main Dishes
Sand Mountain EC
1 pound boneless skinless salmon fillet cut in chunks
½ cup dry bread crumbs
1 egg white, lightly beaten
1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
¾ teaspoon freshly ground pepper
1 tablespoon olive oil

Tartar sauce: (combine the following)
2/3 cup light mayonnaise
½ teaspoon minced onion
1 teaspoon minced parsley
1 tablespoon each chopped capers, pickle relish and stuffed olives
Dash of cayenne
Pulse salmon chunks in a food processor until coarsely chopped. In a bowl combine egg white, bread crumbs, salmon and seasonings. Mix well. Form into 4, ½-inch thick, cakes. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the cakes. Cook until golden and cooked through, about 4-5 minutes on each side. Serve with tartar sauce.