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Recipe : Entry # 5485
Carmen Bishop
Recipe Title
Ice Cream Layer Cake
Recipe Theme
Wiregrass EC
Ice cream sandwiches (amount varies depending on size) Cool Whip
Hershey’s syrup or chocolate sauce
Butterfinger candy bars (2-3) crumbled, for topping (optional)
The first thing you want to do is determine how many sandwiches you’ll need and the layout for your 9x13 Dish. Arrange them, wrapped. You’ll need two layers. The one sticking out on the side will be broken in half and stacked to fit the small spot in the corner. It doesn’t matter if the sandwiches don’t touch the edges of the dish. Unwrap and place the first layer of sandwiches in your dish, and then cover with Cool Whip and drizzled chocolate syrup. Repeat the layers of ice cream sandwiches, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. Finish the dish by adding the crushed candy bar on top.