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Recipe : Entry # 5702
Amanda Joreski
Recipe Title
Grandma's Vegetable Soup
Recipe Theme
Wiregrass EC

[The vegetables can be fresh or frozen]
Tomatoes 1 quart bag
Field pea like zippers or butter beans 1 quart bag
Corn 1 quart bag [cut off]
Potatoes 3 washed and cut up
Okra 1 quart bag
Onions [half of a onions]
Salt & pepper to taste
2 cup of water
2 carrots washed and cut into pieces

Instructions: first get a big pot and put tomatoes and water to boil. Then wash and dice vegetables. Add vegetables to the pot, but put the okra in last. Cook until all vegetable are tender. Add salt and pepper to taste. Last let it cool, dip and serve
Tasted best with corn bread!