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Recipe : Entry # 5716
amanda murphy
Recipe Title
chicken tortilla soup
Recipe Theme
North Alabama EC
4 large boneless chicken breast
2 pound of Velveeta cheese-use half only
1- 10.5 oz can of cream of chicken soup
1-10.5 oz can of chicken broth
1-can of black beans-drained
1-can of mild rotel
1-can small can of mexi corn
Tortilla chips

In a large pot boil your boneless chicken breast until no longer pick,drain water and then let chicken cool.After cooled shred chicken into shreds,then put chicken in a croc-pot or large pot.Poor chicken broth and cream of chicken soup mix well with chicken.Cut Velveeta into cubes and put into the pot,after cheese melts drained black beans,rotel,and mexi corn,mix well.Then let it cook on low to medium in the croc-pot and low in a pot on the stove for about 30-45 mins.Then serve use tortilla chips to dip in the soup.