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Recipe : Entry # 7208
Debbie Fanning
Recipe Title
Southern Sweet Tea
Recipe Theme
Drinks & Beverages
North Alabama EC
2 family size tea bags or 4 regular
2 cups sugar or splenda
1 quart of boiling water (1 tea kettle full)
Add sugar to a one gallon plastic pitcher (do not use glass it may crack). Dangle tea bags into pitcher holing tags at the top (if bags have no string and paper tag just drop them in on sugar, but be careful when stirring. Add boiling water to pitcher (do not boil tea bags in the water). Place lid on pitcher to hold tea bags in place and allow bags to steep in the water for 4-8 minutes. Bob bags up and down in pitcher a few times then remove by gently sueezing with a long spoon against the side of the pitcher and remove without tearing bags. Stir to dissolve sugar. Add Ice to fill. Stir again. Serve now or later. Refridgerate for overnight or longer storage. The trick is to never boil the tea and to cool rapidly.