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Recipe : Entry # 7710
Robyn Chamness
(256) 960-9193
Recipe Title
Garlic Spaghetti
Recipe Theme
March: Garlic
Main Dishes
Arab EC
1 box spaghetti noodles
4 cloves garlic
1/4 cup olive oil
1 pound peeled/deviened shrimp
Salt & Pepper
Boil spaghetti noodles in pot until done. Drain and rinse put in bowl
Boil shrimp pot until they float to careful not to over cook. Drain and rinse and combine in bowl with noodles.
Slice cloves of garlic and put in skillet with olive oil until desired doneness. When done pour contents in bowl with spaghetti and shrimp and stir.
Tell us about your recipe
It is a great easy recipe that I enjoy to make for a quick summer meal.