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Recipe Title Recipe Theme View
Savory Kale April: Greens View
Grits and Greens April: Greens View
Beans and Greens Under Cornbread April: Greens View
Crustless Collard Greens Quiche April: Greens View
Summer Soup October: Campfire cooking View
Skillet Peach Cobbler July: Peaches View
Peach-Blueberry Pie July: Peaches View
Lil' Lemon Refresher June: Picnic meals/dishes View
Jenny's Tapioca Pudding June: Picnic meals/dishes View
Bill's Cold Lasagna June: Picnic meals/dishes View
Granny's Chicken Salad May: Chicken salad View
Chicken Salad March: Garlic View
Char's Cinnamon Chili January: Chili View
White Chili January: Chili View
Firehouse Chili January: Chili View
Mimi's Chicken Salad May: Chicken salad View
Chunky Beef Chili January: Chili View
Easy "2" Make Chili January: Chili View
Chili Supreme January: Chili View
Onion Casserole February: Easy Does It View
Recipe Title Recipe Theme View
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