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Recipe : Entry # 1586
Donna Malone
Recipe Title
Hamburger Hash
Recipe Theme
Side Dishes
Marshall-DeKalb EC
1 pound ground beef
1 small onion,c hopped
4 medium potatoes, shredded
1 1/2- 2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
Salt and pepper to taste
In a large skillet, brown ground beef. Add onion and cook until tender. Drain meat. While meat is browning, peel potatoes and keep in cold water. While meat is draining, dry and shred potatoes. In same skillet used to cook meat, heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil. Add shredded potatoes. When potatoes are brown, add ground beef. Add salt and pepper and stir well. When potatoes and meat are cooked thoroughly, turn heat off and sprinkle with cheddar cheese. Cover with lid to help cheese melt, then serve (note: the cook uses a non-stick skillet for this recipe).