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Recipe : Entry # 4648
Marjorie Davis Gray
Recipe Title
Barbecued Fish
Recipe Theme
Main Dishes
Baldwin EMC
6 fish, filleted                                                       
½ cup orange juice                                                                             
13-ounces barbecue sauce                                  
½ cup raw sugar
1 medium onion                                                          
1 teaspoon mushroom

1 medium green pepper                                          
1 teaspoon salt
1 lemon, cut into rings                                  
¾ cup water
1 1/2 teaspoon pepper
Put cleaned fish in oven with ¼ cup water, bake uncovered for 20 minutes. Chop onions and green peppers; boil in ½ cup water until soft.  In a mixing bowl put onions, green pepper and all other ingredients; pour this mixture over the fish. Set oven to 400 degrees. Bake uncovered for 20-30 minutes.