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Recipe : Entry # 4696
Wilbur Cowart
Recipe Title
Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler
Recipe Theme
Sand Mountain EC
2 large cans sliced peaches
1 box yellow or white cake mix
1 stick margarine
Place about 3 dozen charcoal briquettes on dry ground (or any place for hot coals), get charcoal hot for cooking. Set Dutch oven on hot coals. (Keep about 1 dozen on lid of Dutch oven). Melt ½ stick of butter in oven, add peaches in butter. Sprinkle cake mix all over the peaches. Do NOT stir. Add remaining ½ stick butter on top. Put lid on with hot charcoal on top of it. Cook for about 45 minutes. After 30 minutes check to see if brown, if not put lid back on and continue checking for browning to start. Do NOT stir. Cook’s note: peaches may be substituted with any type of sweetened fruit.