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Recipe : Entry # 4707
Debbie Glass
Recipe Title
Banana Boats
Recipe Theme
Black Warrior EMC

Kids and Kids at heart


Chocolate Bars


Heavy-duty Foil
Each camper should have a sheet of foil large enough to cover the banana. Do NOT peel the banana. Place it in the center of the foil then split the banana end to end almost through but do not cut the bottom of the peeling. Break up the chocolate bar (like Hershey) place some or all of the pieces in the split. Next stuff some mini marsh-mellows (about ten more or less) in the split. Then pull the foil up around the banana like a boat and seal the top leaving like a bow and stern on the ends for handles. Place the Banana Boat near hot coals but not on the flame of the campfire. Warm for about 5-10 minutes. Unwrap; caution the chocolate and marshmallows are very warm. Leave the banana in the foil boat eating warm banana and stuffing with a spoon. This is also great to put on a grill when you cook out at home.