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Recipe : Entry # 5619
Virginia Borowski
Recipe Title
Oreo Granola-Strawberry Yogurt Pie
Recipe Theme
Central Alabama EC
12 Oreo Granola Bars
1 pint frozen strawberry yogurt
1 small carton reduced-fat Cool Whip
1/2 stick reduced-fat Parkway margarine
Crush Oreo Granola Bars. Melt 1/2 stick margarine in glass pie plate. Add crushed Oreo bars and pat over bottom and sides. You might want to spray the dish with Pam for easier handling and cleaning. Slightly soften yogurt, stir in Cool Whip. If it becomes too soft, replace in freezer until of a better consistency to place in crust. Place in covered container to keep frozen. This makes a great refreshing dessert. Other flavored yogurts may be used.