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Recipe : Entry # 5675
Earl Williams
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Tallapoosa River EC
1 Pound Butter or Margarine
1 Pound Velvetta cheese
4 Pound Sugar, Confectioners
1 Cup Cocoa
1 Tblsp Vanilla extract
1 1/2 Cups Chopped pecans or other nuts
Nuts (and amount of nuts) are optional
Melt butter (or margarine) and cheese. (May be melted in the microwave or on top of stove. Do not overheat and/or scorch or burn the cheese. I prefer a double boiler on top of the stove as it is less likely to burn or scorch the cheese.) Add nuts (if desired), cocoa, and flavoring extract and stir well. Sift powdered sugar into mixture 1/4 pound at a time. Mix well after each 1/4 pound until no white sugar is seen. The sugar will tend to accumulate in the bottom so be sure and mix all the way to the bottom of the bowl often. The mixture will get extremely hard to mix by time the last pound of sugar is introduce but be sure to mix well.

After mixing all the sugar put mixture in a 13 X 9 X 2 inch pan. Chill for about an hour, then remove from pan and cut into pieces. The fudge is hard to remove from the pan so I use a throw away aluminum pan. After chilling I cut the pan on each corner and peel the sides away from the fudge. This leaves one large block of fudge which can then be sliced into smaller pieces. Keep refrigerated.

NOTE: Any flavoring may be substituted for the vanilla