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Recipe : Entry # 5772
Loucrecia Hollingsworth
Recipe Title
Veggie Pasta Salad
Recipe Theme
Side Dishes
Cullman EC
12 oz box of tri-color Pasta
Cucumber, diced
2 Heads of Broccoli
2 or 3 Carrots (depending on size & your preference), sliced
1 Small container cherry or grape tomatoes (about 12 oz), halved
Black Olives, whole or halved (pitted)
Green onions, sliced
Zesty Italian Dressing (at least 1 Cup, but more or less to taste)
4 TBSP McCormic Salad Supreme

* Note: You can substitute or add other veggies like diced celery, other type onions, green olives, cauliflower, etc, depending on your tastes. You can also change the amount of veggies. Just make sure everything has plenty of seasoning & dressing to keep it moist & flavorful, but not soggy.
Cook pasta according to package directions, al dente'. Drain. Add veggies to pasta. Add seasoning & dressing & mix well. Add more or less seasoning &/or dressing to taste.