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Recipe : Entry # 7362
Debbie Deavours
(205) 932-0176
Recipe Title
Date Pecan Candy
Recipe Theme
October: Homemade candy
Baldwin EMC
3 c sugar 1 ½ T vanilla
½ pkg chopped dates 1 c chopped peacans
1 c whole milk 2 heaping Ts butter
Mix sugar with milk in a medium size pan. Bring to a boil. Add chopped dates. Stir constantly and boil until
a soft ball is formed when dropped into cold water. (This part is very important.)
Remove from heat. Add the butter and vanilla. Cool. Beat with mixer until it begins
to thicken. Add nuts. When stiff, turn onto a wet cloth and roll. Refrigerate. Slice when hard.
Tell us about your recipe
This recipe is an old family favorite. My husband did not taste it for years after we married and remarked that he could not believe he had been missing out for so long. It is at least fifty years old and I believe it to be much older. The recipe was originally given to my mother by a dear neighbor lady who never married and housed a host of felines. I still remember her gentleness with children and cats. And she made the best candy around.