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Recipe : Entry # 8016
Karen Lange
(251) 931-3165
Recipe Title
TowBoat Biscuits
Recipe Theme
November: Biscuits
Baldwin EMC
1 - Can of Store bought Biscuits (any kind will do)
2 -Tbls. Butter (melted or softened)
A Dash of each item, garlic powder, onion powder
black pepper, cayenne pepper, parmesan cheese.
Preheat your oven according to the directions on the canned biscuits.
Place biscuit dough on a greased sheet pan side by side
Slather a bit of butter on top of each biscuit
Sprinkle a dash of each of the spices and parmesan cheese on top of the butter
Bake biscuits according to the directions on the can
Prepare to be amazed
Tell us about your recipe
I invented these biscuits on a Tow Boat that ran the Mississippi River about 6 years ago. Everyone went crazy for them and I had to make them several times a week to keep the crew happy. Every time we had company from the office come on our boat , I would make them for lunch and always get rave reviews. Everyone thinks they are made from scratch. I now work aboard a large ship as a cook and make them for my current crew. The reviews are always great. Its just my little secret they are canned biscuits, So I won't be naming the boat, just to keep things on the down low. You can change up the seasonings as you like to get different variations. I made some with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon once to go along with a dessert and they were fantastic.