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Recipe : Entry # 8871
Carissa Pittman
Recipe Title
Fudgy Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies
Recipe Theme
December: Edible Gifts
Joe Wheeler EMC
1 1/2 c. wheat flour (We grind our own flour from soft white wheat berries.)
1 t. baking powder
1/2 t. baking soda
1 T. vanilla
just under 1/2 c. honey (I used 7 T.)
1 T. milk
2 eggs
1/2 c. melted coconut oil
1/2 c. mashed avocado
1/4 c. carob powder

Peanut Butter Swirl
1/3 c. peanut butter powder
1 T. honey
1/2 t. vanilla
1 T. melted coconut oil
2 T. water
For brownies:
Whisk dry ingredients. Whisk wet ingredients. Combine both mixtures and mix with a spatula. Oil a 9x13 inch pan with coconut oil. Pour in the brownie batter and spread evenly.

For the peanut butter swirl:
Mix all ingredients in a small bowl until smooth. Swirl the peanut butter mixture in with the brownie batter using a butter knife. Bake until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean. I think I baked mine at 330 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.
Tell us about your recipe
These are the best brownies I've ever had. They're delicious and fudgy, and the peanut butter swirl makes them that much better. The secret to making them fudgy is the avocado. Give them to friends or relatives without letting them know they're healthy, and see how they like them!