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Recipe : Entry # 9650
Robin O'Sullivan
Recipe Title
Roasted Pineapple-Cheese Canap├ęs
Recipe Theme
December: Party Foods
Wiregrass EC
2 1/2 cups fresh pineapple chunks.
1 bunch mint
3 Tbs toasted sesame seeds
2 cups (270 grams) halloumi cheese
Heat oven to 350 degrees. Roast the pineapple chunks for 35 minutes, until golden. Cover and set aside in a bowl. Chop the mint leaves and mix with the sesame seeds, in a dish. Toss in with the pineapple mixture, so each chunk is coated. Cut the halloumi into cubes. Char each cube on all sides in a hot non-stick frying pan. Thread onto cocktail sticks, alternating pineapple with halloumi.
Tell us about your recipe
This is a unique, festive, flavorful appetizer that's simple to prepare. Guests always love the combination of cheese and fruit!