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Collier’s on Main


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Serving up contemporary cuisine in a classic setting


By Liz Vinson

At 118 N. Main St. in Brundidge sits a historic building that the community has known and loved since the mid 1900s. What was once a glove and shirt factory is now a hip and eclectic restaurant whose cozy and comfortable ambiance has people lining up to enjoy a meal amid an array of interesting décor.

From unique art that decorates the warehouse-style interior, to walls and tables made of refurbished wood, to antique, red metal doors dating back to 1966, Collier’s on Main stays true to its industrial origins.

Beyond that, the restaurant aims to please, serving the community a mix of contemporary cuisine combined with friendly and prompt customer service. Since opening in September of 2015, Collier’s on Main has seen great success, but manager Mo Caraway insists the popularity can be boiled down to one thing: the people of Brundidge.

“The customers are what make the restaurant special. We have people from all walks of life come in. Farmers, businessmen, and bankers can all gather here together as one. You can wear overalls or a three-piece suit, and it’s a good place to work due to the customers we serve,” Caraway says.

Collier’s on Main is more than just a restaurant. It features an outdoor patio where guests can dine by candlelight under the stars, and there is an extra space used to host large parties and events. Known as The Warehouse, the elegance of dripping chandeliers makes for an interesting juxtaposition to the exposed brick walls in a room that can seat 240 people. While guests come to Collier’s on Main for a multitude of reasons, Caraway’s agenda is to ensure the establishment serves one purpose.

Relax and unwind

“This is a spot to relax and unwind,” Caraway says. “It’s a relaxed place for people who want to enjoy good food and entertainment and be treated with respect. This is affordable dining where everyone is welcome, and we feel like it’s a place people like to be to enjoy themselves and have fun.”

To add to the restaurant’s appeal, Caraway brings in live music on Thursday and Friday nights. Guitar players of all ages travel in from as far away as Florida to play a diverse mix of music.

“The fact that we feature entertainment helps a lot, but it’s a place for people to gather socially,” Caraway says. “Everything in Brundidge is unique, and we think our restaurant fits in because we are unique. People enjoy the vibe of the restaurant because it’s in tune with its surroundings. This is a place where you can come sit in a laid-back atmosphere with no pressure to hurry, and it provides a lot of social enjoyment.”

The owners’ motivation for opening Collier’s on Main went beyond the idea to provide food and entertainment. The restaurant also serves as a way for Caraway and her team to honor the city and people of Brundidge who have been supportive to them throughout the years.

“We opened this for the residents of Brundidge to enjoy, and it’s something we wanted to do for the city. We wanted to give back to those who have given to us, and it was done as a project to work in that way,” Caraway says.  As for ensuring the people of Brundidge receive the respect they are due, Caraway is adamant that the customer service be excellent to make sure patrons feel at home.

“We try to treat people the way you want to be treated, and that’s what we get the servers and staff to do. Everyone works in the kitchen as a team to bring customers the best of the best,” Caraway says. For those who come to Collier’s on Main solely to dine, they are in for a real treat. The menu features Southern favorites like fried green tomatoes and green beans to ever-popular entrees that include mahi mahi and filet mignon.

“We use a lot of local produce, and we even have deep fried pork skins. Our salads have done really well, and we sell a lot of steaks. We try to run features every day at lunch and dinner, and the staff can always share menu ideas,” Caraway says.

At the end of the day, Caraway credits the restaurant’s growing reputation to the people of Brundidge, and she hopes that the establishment remains a place that people hold dear to their heart.  “If it weren’t for the local people, it would be very hard for us to survive. It’s important for everyone to feel welcome here, and we hope Collier’s on Main is a special place in this city that means so much to us,” Caraway says.