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Is Your Home Wired For Fire?


Home fires are the third ranking cause of accidental death and injury, following close on the heels of automobile accidents and home falls. Statistically, each American family can one day expect the fire department to respond to a fire in its home.

The major cause of home fires is not smoking in bed, lightning, spontaneous combustion, nor flash fires in the kitchen, but bad wiring and malfunctioning electrical appliances.

Do-it-yourselfers will all to often tackle major household wiring jobs without knowing enough about electricity or the national and local electrical codes. Proud of their handiwork and the money saved by not calling an electrician, these people will unknowingly endanger their families and fortunes. Insurance companies will not pay claims for fire damage if it’s found that electrical codes were violated.

It really pays to hire only qualified electricians to repair or renovate household wiring, just as it pays to have older homes inspected by qualified electricians or city or county inspectors. And it really pays to have repairs made on electrical appliances as soon as they are discovered.

Considering the number of electrical fires, too few people realize how serious sparking or asking electricity can be. It’s a good time to take a good look at your home and correct any problems that could contribute to national fire statistics. Fire prevention is cool. Fire fighting isn’t.