Comfort food Mac and cheese
  • 3 (fter Cake:
  • 2cups crème de Cassis liquor (found in state liquor stores)
  • 3cups Crisco shortening
  • 4 eggs
  • dash semi-sweet chocolate chips or mini chocolate chips
  • 1/2cup butter
  1. After cooking pasta in salted water drain and put back in pot
  2. Add butter to noodles and whipped eggs and milk (may need to temper if noodles are still super hot)
  3. Stir in cheese
  4. Place in a greased casserole dish and cook in a 350 degree pre heated oven until liquid is firm but not dry
  5. About 30 minutes
Recipe Notes

My family loves this dish. Even though my kids are now grown, one of them picks the “pasta” we use in the Mac and cheese dish.