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    Scarecrows have been used for centuries, dating back as far as the ancient Egyptians and beyond, to protect gardens from animal pests and they have become both artistic and cultural symbols of gardening across the globe. But do they work? Learn more

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    Visit our archives to look at past issues of our award-winning magazine serving Alabama’s rural electric cooperatives. View Archives

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    From appetizers to pie, check out our selection of recipes from Alabama’s most talented cooks. Send us your favorites! Learn more

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Aerial BnB

Home-stay networks such as Airbnb may seem like a new trend to us humans, but the idea of finding short-term, seasonal housing among a network of welcoming folks is old hat for purple martins, those boisterous aerial entertainers that have lodged with humankind for centuries. |Read More|

Turn the page

Alabama writers inspire us with page turning tomes, fiction and fact, essays and novels. Their prose radiates across the state, America, and for many, the world. Here are eight authors, columnists, journalists, and more – men and women of Alabama who have some words of wisdom for other aspiring writers. |Read More|

Worth the drive: George’s Steak Pit 

George’s offers many locals with longstanding reservations and visiting musicians a place to sit down and eat a good steak. Salmon, pork chops, chicken and hamburger steak are also on the menu in addition to signature ribeye, lobster, New York Strip and surf ’n’ turf. Sides include wild rice, steak fries, salads and vegetables. |Read More|

Recipes: Easter Lunch

You’ve probably heard this old adage many times. It’s really not about the tart, sunny yellow citrus. It’s offered as encouragement to push through a difficult time. But I’d like to look at it literally. I’d like to encourage you to actually make lemonade out of your lemons, with the emphasis on “make.” |Read More|

Alabama People: Rick Hall

It’s been two years since Rick Hall, the founder of FAME Music studios in Muscle Shoals, published his autobiography, The Man From Muscle Shoals: My Journey from Shame to Fame. Hall was also prominently featured in the 2013 documentary, “Muscle Shoals.” In both, he speaks frankly about growing up in squalid poverty in rural northwest Alabama, sleeping on straw with no toilets, and dealing with rejection by his mother, his schoolmates, and by others in the music business.  |Read More|

Outdoors: Turkey Trot!

As turkey seasons open this spring, sportsmen across Alabama will sit quietly under trees or in blinds, occasionally calling to bring the wily birds closer toward them. But I’ll bet none of them will use a 3,000-pound call! |Read More|

Gardens: Scarecrow Charm 

For scarecrows and their kin (such as plastic owls and snakes) to remain effective over time, there must be an element of constant surprise, such as loose clothing, floppy arms and legs or shiny and fluttery accessories (tin plates, old CDs, ribbons or reflective tape, for example) that shift in the wind. Moving the figures around in the garden every few days can also help. |Read More|

True Grits

Whether you’re a fan of a music group or singer, a particular sport or team or just a collector of mementoes, the ticket stubs you’ve saved chronicle decades’ worth of memories. The little strips of printed, fading card stock may not be noteworthy from a historical perspective, but they are little personal reminders of fun times gone by. |Read More|

Hardy Jackson’s Alabama

Now I know mosquitoes are God’s creation like other living things, but I sorta wonder that maybe God created mosquitoes as part of one of the plagues he smote the Egyptians with back in Moses’ time?  And when He was cleaning up afterward He forgot to undo what He had done and mosquitoes slipped through the cracks. |Read More|