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    In light of last year’s drought, gardening writer Katie Jackson proposes making water our official Valentine of 2017 and showing it a little love! Learn more

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Have you met a president?

For this month that includes the federal and state holiday known as Presidents Day, Alabama Living asked readers who have encountered a president – whether before he was in office, during his term or after – to share their stories. |Read More|

Alabama’s railroad history

Many towns and cities can trace their beginnings directly back to the railroads and the business it brought to otherwise remote areas of the state – making transportation of raw materials for the fledgling steel industry possible. |Read More|

Worth the drive: Buona mangiata! (good eating) 

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like Rome – except maybe Pintoli’s Italian Cafe, the best Italian restaurant in Satsuma, Alabama. |Read More|

Recipes: Cooking for two 

Most recipes are written to serve four (or more) people, forcing young married couples, empty nesters and other families that are only composed of two people to do math just to make dinner. To prevent others from choosing between math (yuck!) or eating more than they really should, we asked our readers to send us their best recipes for two. |Read More|

Alabama People: Ernestine Crowell 

If you visit the House of Representatives in the Alabama State House in Montgomery, you can’t get very far without encountering a petite bundle of energy named Ernestine Crowell. Below her name on her business cards is a simple title: “Information Desk,”… |Read More|

Outdoors: Late season hunting 

For most Alabama sportsmen, hunting season begins and ends with deer season. Deer season goes through Feb. 10, but hunters can still find things to do after that season closes. |Read More|

Gardens: The month to love our water 

Late last year, roadside signs began appearing near homes in Lee County stating “Drought Alert: Conserve Water.” Those signs were in response to a statewide drought declaration that put all 67 Alabama counties under an official drought “emergency” or “warning” status.  |Read More|

Consumer Wise: Smartphone energy apps 

Many electric co-ops offer smartphone apps that allow you to view recent bills and set high use alerts. Many of these apps will also let you pay your bill through the app, read about any co-op efficiency programs or incentives, compare your energy use to similar homes and learn how the weather may have impacted your energy bill. |Read More|

New speaker aims for cohesion

As the 2017 Legislative session nears, one of the biggest concerns for new Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon is healing some of the divisions among his House members, and changing their focus to work for a common good. |Read More|