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    In the heat of Alabama's summer we show how moon gardens can help you enjoy a refreshing evening outside. Learn more

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Alabama’s historic restaurants

Restaurants open and close, come and go, sometimes as quickly as a delicious dish gets devoured. So what keeps things cooking? Is it location, décor, service, selection or food? Hard work or dumb luck? The recipe for success has many ingredients, and probably includes at least a dash of everything above. |Read More|

Eat Alabama

Alabama farmers grow a wide variety of fruits and veggies; they raise chickens, beef and pork; and our fishermen and shrimpers catch and net huge harvests of Gulf seafood, making it fairly easy to find and eat Alabama foods. But thanks to some innovative cooks and companies transforming our state’s agricultural bounty into all manner of edible products, you can take the idea of “eating local” far beyond meat and produce. |Read More|

SEC Preview

Last year was the first year of the “Final Four” for the college football playoffs. It proved to be the most popular year EVER for college football (according to the ratings). Every Tuesday night that Jeff Long, the playoff chairman, came on TV to disclose the standings, we were all glued to our sets for the drama and controversy that accompanied his announcement. |Read More|

Road trip

If you’re looking for ways to keep the kids active, take this summer as an opportunity to relax, reconnect, unplug, and have fun-filled day trips with them before summer’s end. Here are a few locations across our state that are day trip or weekend-worthy for some quality family time.  |Read More|

Worth the drive: Red’s Little Schoolhouse

t’s time to go to school. Yes, it’s summer. Sure, you completed your courses and graduated already. But, when it comes to good ol’ Southern cooking, we all have a thing or two we could stand to learn, and the tasty classics at Red’s Little Schoolhouse in Grady will teach you all you need to know. |Read More|

Butterfly on buddleia bush.

Nature’s beauties

Driving down an off-the-beaten path in north Alabama, a driver swerved and stopped immediately in front of me. After hitting my brakes, I realized it was my fault. I should have read her bumper sticker, which stated: I BRAKE FOR BUTTERFLIES.

Ranging in colors from yellow, black, blue, and shades in between, you see them on country roads, in suburban gardens and sunny nature centers. Often, I see them near the small towns of Tuscumbia and Muscle Shoals. |Read More|