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    In the November issue, Katie Jackson tells us how to save all of those beautiful holiday flowers. Learn more

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Holiday beauties

The acres of concrete at Dixie Green’s greenhouses in Centre are carpeted in vibrant hues of red and white this time of year, a sure sign that Christmas is coming soon. |Read More|

Famous greetings

The good wishes of governors, other politicians and famous people are in the collections preserved for the future generations at the Alabama Department of Archives and History. Funny, serious or poignant in message, they tell something about the world and the people who received them at the time they were sent. |Read More|

Worth the drive: KBC

She started with Kelsey Barnard Catering, with a focus on high-quality ingredients and dishes that were elevated from the usual reception fare. Then came the restaurant opportunities: first was KBC Butcher Block, a lunch and brunch place that is also a market for locally-sourced products and her own baked goods; then came KBC on Foster… |Read More|

Recipes: Christmas Cookies

When I was growing up, it didn’t take much faith to believe in Santa. Up until the second I discovered he wasn’t real, I absolutely knew he was. One year, I saw physical proof; there were huge sooty boot prints on our den floor marking a path from the chimney to the Christmas tree and then back again on Christmas morning. |Read More|

A Christmas memory

As our number of Christmases grows, the memories of holidays past become a little more fuzzy, each year blending into the backgrounds of others. Photos are helpful and pleasant reminders, but save perhaps the years with a special event – a new baby, a change of venue, an unexpected influx of relatives crowding around the table – many Christmas mornings are much like the ones before. |Read More|


With billions of stars shining overhead on this cold Christmas Eve, one could imagine the Star of Bethlehem illuminating the desert. However, this trip did not involve a desert journey, although we did cross some sand. |Read More|

Gardens: winter gardens

This is a joyous time of year, but for gardeners it can be a little sad. December, after all, heralds the beginning of winter and a lull in the gardening season. But we can keep the joy of gardening alive in our yards and hearts through those winter months by using a wide array of cool-season plants. |Read More|


Alabama Living Cookbook

Alabama Living will publish its first cookbook in eight years this month. The Best of Alabama Living features more than 250 recipes, including the “Cook of the Month” winners from past issues of the magazine from 2009 through 2015. |Read More|

Blest be the tie that’s ugly

Born in 1895, Artemus grew up wanting more than Elmore County, Alabama offered, so in the 1920s he headed west for Hollywood. There he got work designing movie sets and as an extra in silent classics like “Scaramouche” and “The Last of the Mohicans.” |Read More|

Seal tight, ventilate right

Q: Now that winter is here, I’d like to make my home more comfortable by keeping cold air out. I’m planning to have a contractor inspect and seal air leaks. However, a neighbor mentioned that I could seal up my home too much and cause ventilation problems. Is this true? |Read More|