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Horses that heal

Four-year-old Savannah Dennard has a simple command for her equine friend, Spirit: “Walk on!” she chirps, and off they go as Spirit carries his tiny passenger around the covered arena at Montgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrians, or MANE. Savannah, with the help of her instructors, uses the command… |Read More|

Dancing with the stars

Like millions of other TV viewers, I had watched Noah Galloway and his partner dance on “Dancing With the Stars” and had heard about some of the adversities he had overcome. I told him I would like to interview him and do a story for Alabama Living. “Sure, ask me anything you want,” he replied. |Read More|

Alabama made

Creators, thinkers, dreamers – they develop products and nurture ideas, often born out of a need unfilled. Alabama is home to a number of successful businessmen and women who have brought ideas to life – and made money in the process. |Read More|

Lowe Mill

This former textile mill-turned-arts hub in the outskirts of Huntsville opens to the public four days a week, while other days are reserved for the 120 artists and business owners to fine-tune their crafts.

While many of America’s forgotten textile mills become loft apartments or sit empty until they fall down, Lowe Mill has been transformed.  |Read More|

Worth the drive: The Biscuit King

It’s not nice to call names, but if you order a biscuit at The Biscuit King’s Fun Barn in Fairhope and think it’s ugly, it’s okay. You can even say so out loud.

Owner Willie Foster won’t mind a bit. He was the first to call his breakfast creations “ugly,”…  |Read More|

Safe @ Home: Avian flu threat

So far, Alabama has been spared from the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) that has plagued much of the Midwest and affected 47 million birds.

But animal health officials warn that farmers, both commercial growers and those who keep small backyard flocks, should be mindful of the threat of avian flu and be aware of its potential. |Read More|


Alabama Outdoors: September season

As legal shooting hours began minutes later, distant manmade thunder rolled across the marshes and bays, punctuated by loud blasts from closer hunters. After months of waiting, another hunting season had begun with the opening of the September teal season. |Read More|