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As is common for community theaters in small towns across the state, an all-volunteer cast from the area will perform and the play itself will have a Southern focus. |Read More|

The sky’s the limit

Unmanned aircraft may soon be Alabama farmers’ flying tractors. Civil defense will call them to service for hurricane rescue. Forestry operations, wildlife management, bridge repair, and more will benefit from these flying computers.  |Read More|

Worth the Drive: Big Mike’s

Much is at stake for great steaks. Just ask the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association. They know a few things about beef, enough to rank Big Mike’s Steakhouse one of the top 10 steak-eating restaurants in Alabama. And Mike Cole, Scott Powell, and Caine Conway are three proud stakeholders. |Read More|


More than any other aroma or flavor, peppermint says “holidays” to me. The simple sight of candy canes, all lined up in their cellophane-wrapped boxes, sitting on grocery store shelves, screams “childhood memories coming!,” a warning before my emotional floodgates open, and I’m overwhelmed with nostalgia and warm, fuzzy thoughts of Christmas mornings with my brother and parents. |Read More|

Alabama Outdoors: Bird hunting options

Each fall, sportsmen across Alabama eagerly await cooler days when they can pursue King Bob, the most majestic of all native North American game birds. Better known as bobwhite quail, King Bob once ranked among the most popular game species in North America, particularly in the South. However, the regal fowl suffered many setbacks from predators and disappearing or changing habitat. |Read More|

Christmas photos

If you’re like most of us, your photo albums are filled with photos of Christmas past that had potential, but for whatever reason, just didn’t take.For some professional input, we asked Bryan Carter, owner of Carter Photography and Design in Montgomery, for some tips and ideas that even the novice photographer can put to use this Christmas. |Read More|

Alabama Gardens

If you love to garden, you probably also love to share the gardening experience with others. So why not turn your passion for gardening into holiday gifts? |Read More|

Alabama bookshelf

In this feature, we highlight recent books either about Alabama people or written by Alabama authors. Summaries are not reviews or endorsements. We also occasionally highlight book-related events. |Read More|