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    Katie Jackson shows you how to love your Crepe Myrtles, not murder them. Learn more

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Whitewater Races

Whitewater canoe and kayak slalom enthusiasts from around the Southeast will converge on North Alabama’s Blount and Cullman counties in February and March for the three races of the Alabama Cup Series.

The three-race series that started in 1992 not only gives participants the opportunity to measure their skills against others in the sport, but it has evolved into three annual must-go get-togethers for serious paddlers in the state. |Read More|

2016 legislative session

Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, in looking ahead to the 2016 legislative session that begins Feb. 2, predicts at least one familiar issue will surface. |Read More|

Worth the Drive: Amsterdam Café

If dining in a college town brings to mind burgers, fries and hot wings, then think again. Nestled among the fast food joints and greasy spoons are the hidden gems of quaint cafés serving culinary delights. All you have to do is know where to look. |Read More|

Easy Does it

Some days, even if you like to cook, it’s hard to get motivated to get in the kitchen and make something. Sometimes, I truly enjoy shopping and measuring and stirring and sautéing. But there are other days that just take it out of me, and I don’t even want to think about cooking. |Read More|

Budgeting battle

Alabama legislators will have serious work ahead as they iron out financial details for the General Fund, the budget that supports the state’s non-education agencies. |Read More|


Paying for College

If you are a college-bound student or the parent of a college-bound student, you’re likely looking for financing options for educational expenses — and at federal student loans, in particular.

The direct loan program funded by the U.S. Department of Education generally offers borrowers lower interest rates and more flexible repayment options than loans from banks or other sources. In addition, loans are in some cases “subsidized” based on financial need — meaning, qualified borrowers would repay the loan but would not have to pay interest on the loan until after graduation. |Read More|


Feeding the Hungry

Serving on 23 short-term mission trips around the world — in the U.S., Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Kenya and Brazil — opened their eyes to hunger. But it was after a mission trip to Africa that Jim saw hunger within one mile of his home — in his own neighborhood. |Read More|


Alabama Gardens: Crepe Myrtles

Crepe murder, a term reportedly coined a couple of decades ago by Southern Living magazine, refers to the practice of severely cutting back crepe myrtles during the late fall and winter, a perhaps unwitting but nonetheless senseless attack on the beauty of these lovely plants. |Read More|

Jimmy Mason, a bass pro from Rogersville, Ala., shows off a smallmouth bass he caught on a jerkbait while fishing at Pickwick Lake near Florence, Ala. Photo by John N. Felsher

Alabama Outdoors: Pickwick Lake

Although anglers fishing Pickwick Lake in northwest Alabama might catch more than a dozen species on the same day, many people believe the reservoir could produce the next world record smallmouth bass. |Read More|


Alabama Bookshelf

In this feature, we highlight recent books either about Alabama people or written by Alabama authors. Summaries are not reviews or endorsements. We also occasionally highlight book-related events. |Read More|


Music to cruise by

The other day I met this guy, and in the small talk that followed I asked him where he was from. “Gallatin, Tennessee. Near Nashville. You probably never heard of it.” Of course I had. As had just about everybody of my generation who grew up a teenager in the Lower South.|Read More|