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Capturing life

The small stroke of the paintbrush, not even an inch wide, is dwarfed by the massive mural on the large brick wall. But the artist, Wes Hardin, patiently continues to paint, stroke by stroke, layer upon layer, color upon color.

Slowly — this mural has been in the works for months

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Poke Salat

Nestled in the heart of North Alabama, Arab is largely known for its Mayberryesque small-town aura, high school football, and poke salat. Wait, what was that last thing?

Pokeweed is a wild, poisonous plant, but when detoxified by boiling a few times, its young shoots make for a tasty dish, especially when mixed with scrambled eggs.

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Troy’s Music Man

My first encounter with Dr. John Maloy Long was as a journalism student, interviewing him for a class assignment at Troy (back then it was State) University. In 1975, he was a campus legend. In 2015, he still is.

Visiting his suburban Troy, Alabama, home, I reminded the 89-year-old director of bands emeritus of that four-decade-old homework assignment.

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