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    It's August and that means gardens are starting to bear fruit. Katie Jackson shows us how to preserve the bounty to enjoy all year long. Learn more

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Raising the Steaks

No matter which area of Alabama you call home, there’s probably a cattle farmer nearby. According to the Alabama Cattleman’s Association, cattle are found in every county in the state. They might be part of a herd several hundred head strong… |Read More|

Alabama Recipes: Canning

In the South, the past is often present. We hold on tightly to traditions, stories, cherished heirlooms and family recipes, keeping them with us and handing them down. It’s no different with the bounty that the land gives us each summer. Most of us eat our fill of fresh produce when it’s at its peak… |Read More|

From their field to your fork

If you’ve paid any attention to restaurant news in the last decade, you’ve no doubt heard the term “farm-to-table” describing a new hot spot or a shift in an established favorite’s menu. |Read More|

We love our trucks

Early on in the automobile age, people who needed to carry stuff other than passengers began to adapt car bodies to the task. If you had more riders than cargo, you just put them in the bed in the back… |Read More|

Worth the drive: Collier’s on Main

From unique art that decorates the warehouse-style interior, to walls and tables made of refurbished wood, to antique, red metal doors dating back to 1966, Collier’s on Main stays true to its industrial origins. |Read More|


2016 SEC Football predictions

Last year may have been Nick Saban’s BEST coaching job at Alabama. After losing to Ole Miss at home on September 19, Bama’s obituary for the season was already in ink. Every game after that became an elimination game. There was no room for error. |Read More|

Conecuh Shooting Range: Many Alabama Wildlife Heritage License holders are purchasing this license to use at the WMA shooting ranges or community archery parks, according to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Support conservation

All Alabama fishing and hunting licenses expire on Aug. 31 each year, but where does all that money go? In 1937, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, known as the Pittman-Robertson Act. The act placed excise taxes on the sale of firearms, ammunition… |Read More|


Gardens: Preserving summer

So many vegetables, so little time.That’s the story this time of year when we have an abundance of delicious summer fruits and vegetables — often more than we can possibly eat or give away — but, like summer itself, know that time is running on out them. |Read More|


Farm to table streamlined

It’s coming full circle, but there are gaps in the farm to table process, gaps a new non-profit organization called Heirloom Harvest is hoping to bridge. Founded by Will Dodd in April 2016, Heirloom Harvest is creating a more streamlined process for getting locally grown products to consumers and chefs. |Read More|