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Artistic impressions

Perched atop a mountain overlooking Little River Canyon National Preserve and nestled between a thicket of trees and a pond is an unassuming cabin hiding some of Alabama’s most beautiful handcrafted artwork.

Art not borne of pastel-colored paints or carved from stone or etched from steel. The art in this cabin is borne of fire. This art is handmade glassware with clean lines and vibrant colors, some small and some large, all stunning in their perfection. |Read More|

The Hot Shop at Coastal Art Center of Orange Beach Friday April 24, 2015.

Blow your own glass

The phrase “blowing glass” may sound strange, but it’s precisely what Orange Beach glass artists Adam Burges and Kerry Parks do to create spellbinding works of art with swirls of rich, vibrant colors.

As resident artists for The Hot Shop, Alabama’s only public-access hot glass studio located in the Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach, Burges and Parks work together to create the stunning creations. So, what’s their secret? |Read More|

Photo by Marilyn Jones
Photo by Marilyn Jones

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Alabama legacy

Mildred was a Vogue model in New York when she met Stanley in the 1930s. They married in 1938. As a wedding gift, Stanley’s parents gave the newlyweds a two-acre corner lot and $7,500 to build their first home. “They had one request,” says Jordan. “And that was that the couple build the house toward the corner of the lot so that the elder Rosenbaums could still see the Tennessee River from their home across the street.”

Aaron Green, a local architectural student and friend of Mildred and Stanley, actually designed the first house for the Rosenbaums, but when his design came in way over their budget, he suggested Frank Lloyd Wright. |Read More|


Helen Keller’s birthplace

A modest white clapboard house on the edge of Tuscumbia was home to Captain Arthur H. Keller, his wife Kate Adams and their toddler, Helen, who was born June 27, 1880. Their lives were happy and idyllic until, at the age of 19 months, Helen was stricken with a severe illness that left her blind and deaf.

At the age of six, Helen Keller was a hard to control, angry child when her parents decided to take her to see Dr. Alexander Graham Bell. Because of this visit, Helen was united with teacher Anne Mansfield Sullivan on March 3, 1887.  |Read More|


Jake’s Fish Camp

While the name of Jake’s Fish Camp is a little misleading — there is no fish on the small menu, and it’s run by a friendly guy named Frank — the place is pretty straightforward about what you will find there: tasty burgers, barbecue and sandwiches; cold beer; and on most weekends in the spring and summer, live music, all in an environment that gives new meaning to the term “laid back.”

Sitting on a dark muddy slip of Pintlala Creek flowing to and from the Alabama River, Jake’s was once a marina in addition to a restaurant/bar that welcomed all kinds of characters for more than 30 years. |Read More|