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    Plants have been used for their medicinal qualities since the dawn of humankind, and even today many medicines we consider “modern” are still derived from plants. Learn more

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Social security

Can I keep this benefit payment? Social Security is with you through life’s journey, securing today and tomorrow for millions of people. We know that reliability and dependability is an important part of your financial security. We use the same throughout the month eligibility rules for the first month’s Social Security check through […]

Alabama’s Health

Drug-induced deaths increase by 250 percent in just 15 years There would be great concern if we realized that the entire population of the city of Bay Minette or Greenville or 90 percent of the entire population in Greene County had died.  These are close comparisons to the 8,081 Alabamians that were […]

Alabama Snapshots

National monuments and landmarks

2017 Photography contest winners

Thank you to those who participated in Alabama Living’s very first reader photo contest! In the March issue, we asked you to submit photos that capture the essence of Alabama to our website. We received more than 125 photos that reflect the diverse geography and beauty of Alabama, taken in every part of the state […]

USS Alabama ready for 75th anniversary celebration

It seems like yesterday, or maybe not. But in 1942, teenagers danced to the Glenn Miller Orchestra, a World War was under way, and a proud naval vessel took to sea. The war ended and so did Glenn Miller, but the naval vessel is still here, still proud, about to celebrate 75 years, and you’re […]

A step back in time

Man’s home is a personal museum of childhood memories. Remember when songs were on old 45s, when children eagerly awaited Saturday morning for their favorite cartoons on network TV, and Rock City barns dominated the American roadside? Those memories are captured inside a time capsule that is disguised […]

Alabama Bookshelf

“Selma: A Bicentennial History,” by Alston Fitts III, University of Alabama Press, 2016, $39.95 (history). The book is a revised and expanded version of Fitts’ history of Selma originally published in 1989, including new illustrations and details of events that shaped Selma’s growth and development from 1815 to the end of the 20th century. Fitts, […]

Alabama People: Thom Gossom

Author, actor, Auburn fundraiser Alabama Living last talked to actor and author Thom Gossom in 2014 after the premiere of “Quiet Courage: The James Owens Story,” the documentary that chronicled his friend Owens’ journey as Auburn’s first black scholarship football player. Owens died in 2016, and it’s been almost 10 years since […]

Worth the Drive: McLin’s

Steaks and seafood star at Daleville mainstay If you’re heading out for dinner in the Wiregrass, but you can’t decide between steak or seafood, at McLin’s Restaurant in Daleville, you don’t have to. McLin’s Restaurant opened in 1968 in the old Daleville Baptist Church building by Evelyn and James McLin, parents of the current owner, […]

Gardens: a medicine cabinet in your yard

Growing and using medicinal plants Plants have been used for their medicinal qualities since the dawn of humankind, and even today many medicines we consider “modern” are still derived from plants — cough, heart and pain medicines among them. The convenience of these pre-processed modern meds makes access to them easier, but […]

The future of solar energy

The price of solar has fallen dramatically to become competitive with other generation sources. In 2015 and 2016, the United States installed more solar panels than in the previous 30 years combined. So how did we get here and, more importantly, what’s next? Solar power is actually a misnomer because it can refer […]

Consumer Wise

A new home doesn’t guarantee energy efficiency  Q: I recently became a real estate agent and several of my clients have been asking about the energy efficiency of the homes I show them. Do you have any suggestions about energy-related questions I should help my clients consider before they purchase a home? […]

Alabama sea monsters

Large mammals roam coastal waters, but fear not!  “I saw it roll in the water and didn’t know what it was!” exclaimed the agitated caller. “It came up right next to my boat and was almost as big. It slapped the water a few times. We were thinking of everything from a […]

Light up the skies safely this Fourth of July

What would the Fourth of July be without cookouts, baseball games, and pyrotechnic displays in the night sky? But it’s easy to forget that fireworks are dangerous explosives, and carelessness could have deadly consequences. […]

Hardy Jackson’s Alabama

The great goat barbecue of 1962 There weren’t many “official” Independence Day celebrations when I was a kid. At least not in my little town. What Independence Day celebrating was done, was done among little clusters of families and friends, and it usually involved pork, potato salad, deviled eggs, ice tea, and ice cream churned […]

Tomato Time

Plump green globes are ripening to red. Get ready to make the most of summer’s tomatoes! At its roots, Southern food is simple. Many of our regional favorites are pretty basic, but built on authentic ingredients and time-tested techniques. […]