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January Spotlight

Co-ops rural electrification trip to Bolivia rescheduled Volunteers from five of Alabama’s rural electric cooperatives were originally scheduled to travel to Challapata, Bolivia, in the fall to bring power to about 60 households that have never had electricity. Due to political unrest and uncertainty about potential transportation disruptions, executives with National Rural Electric Cooperative Association […]

From Alabama to Hollywood and back home

New generations are discovering tv and film actor Michael O’Neill By Alec Harvey Had it not been for a speech that Michael O’Neill gave to his fraternity, he probably wouldn’t have been an actor. He wouldn’t have been Special Agent Ron Butterfield on “The West Wing.” Or Sen. Mitchell Chapin in “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.” […]


Helping women grow family trees and legacies Story and photos by Katie Jackson Becky Barlow, professor of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences at Auburn and ACES forestry specialist, explains how to measure the diameter of a tree to members of a 2019 ForestHER class. Family forestlands don’t just grow trees, they grow family legacies — inheritances […]

How electric vehicles will shape the future of driving

By Paul Wesslund Predictors of future auto and energy forecasts say that by the end of this new decade, some versions of electric vehicles (EVs) could account for half of auto sales in the world. The trends that could lead to those projections include better battery technology and a rising interest in energy efficiency for […]

Pet Health | Taking a look at the cancer trilogy: Prevalence, cause and prevention

First of all, Happy New Year! Now to continue with our discussion on cancer in our pets. Previously, I’d talked about the prevalence and causes of cancer. As this is not a scientific article, I will keep it simple, but let’s focus on cancer prevention.  • Avoid cancer prone breeds. This is not to say […]

Carrying King’s legacy forward

Through her position as tour director at the historic Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church in downtown Montgomery, Wanda Battle has the unique opportunity to share the message and legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who pastored there from 1954 to 1960. It is a responsibility she takes seriously, and her talks are […]

Worth the Drive | Green Leaf Grill: chef keeps things simple, fresh and local

Story and photos by Liz Young Mentone’s beloved local chef Jimmy Rogers on the front porch of the Green Leaf Grill. Jimmy Rogers grew up in a family that spent most of their time in the kitchen cooking great fresh food. “Dad and I would dream up new recipes all the time,” says Rogers, and the typical feast included […]

Crockin’ it | Home cooks show off Crock Pot skills

Margaret Goins of Montgomery got an extra special birthday present this year. Goins won first place in Alabama Living’s annual “Crockin’ It” cooking contest at the Alabama National Fair last fall. The competition just so happened to fall on her birthday. The judges loved her Crock Pot Pecan Pie recipe, which features Alaga syrup (one […]

Social Security benefits increase in 2020

Social Security Cards for identification and retirment USA Each year, we announce the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). By law, federal benefits increase when the cost of living rises, as measured by the Department of Labor’s Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W). Usually, there is an increase in the benefit amount […]

Cultivating your garden’s story: Think character, setting and plot

Every garden has a story. Each gardener helps write that story, one chapter at a time.  I know this because, after more than four decades of tinkering in and writing about gardens, I have observed one universal truth: Gardens don’t just grow plants, they grow stories. Think about it. No matter its age, size, style […]

Alabama Recipes | Soups & Stews

By Jennifer Kornegay | Styling/Photos by Brooke Echols Soups and stews are comfort-food heroes, ready to rescue your menu and rid you of undue kitchen stress. While the phrase “comfort food” usually conjures up something different for every different person, at least in general, casseroles have a strong claim to the throne when it comes […]

Welcome, to our new Alabama Living partner: The Buttered Home

This month, we’re pleased to announce a partnership with one of our favorite food bloggers, Brooke Burks. Brooke is a home cook, recipe developer and dog lover who may be obsessed with her pressure cooker. Born and raised in South Alabama, Brooke shares her passion for cooking the old-fashioned way – with her blog, The […]

Anglers tempt bass with live bait on Pickwick Lake

Photos by John Felsher From a hundred yards away, we could feel the awesome power of the churning white water rushing through two gates of Wilson Dam at Florence, Ala. Moments later, as the current steadily pushed the boat downstream, we each felt power of another sort as large fish inhaled our enticements. “Current is […]

Riding the Alabama range together

Story by Hardy Jackson | Illustration by Dennis Auth Today some folks wax nostalgic about the joys of childhood in the semi-rural South of the 1950s, but let’s not overdo it. “We made up own games” was not easy in towns that were short on inspiration. However, saving many of us from death-by-boredom was our […]