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Rashad Johnson continues to give back to young people in the area around his hometown of Sulligent in northwest Alabama. Here, he presents a $5,000 check to Hamilton High School.

Athletes give back

It took a 15-year prison term for Sherman Williams to finally understand his lifestyle wasn’t

About the same time, he came to the realization that if his life were to have any meaning, he needed to talk to children from the same impoverished background and reach them before they started down the self-destructive path he took at their age. |Read More|


Decoration Day

Decoration Day – or just Decoration, as most say – is a tradition so prevalent in northeastern Alabama that natives toss off the name like “Christmas” or “Easter.” But people who grew up in other parts of Alabama may never have heard the term.

The internet is equally clueless. Google “Decoration Day” and you will learn it is another name for Memorial Day and that it began just after the Civil War, when veterans placed flowers on the graves of the war dead. |Read More|


Bo Bikes Bama

He lives now in Illinois just outside Chicago, but Alabama is never far from the mind and
memory of Bo Jackson, the Bessemer native, Auburn University standout athlete and entrepreneur who carves out time each year to mark the anniversary of the deadly 2011 tornadoes.

A record 62 tornadoes swept through Alabama during that outbreak on April 27, 2011. More than 240 Alabamians died as a result of the tornadoes, and more than 2,000 were injured… |Read More|


Alabama Recipes: Chicken Salad

My relationship with chicken salad has not always been a rosy one, and while it was me who knowingly and willingly put a formidable distance between us, it wasn’t my fault alone. It was chicken salad’s own bad behavior on several occasions that really caused the rift… |Read More|


Worth the drive: Pikeville

There’s a spot in North Alabama the locals have long referred to as “Black Ankle” for the rich, black soil that used to cover the feet of people hoofing it through the area. These days, it serves as the intersection of three county roads: From the east, 31 dead ends into 470, bound north, while 21 joins them from the west before swerving due south.

For more than 100 years, the Pikeville Store has stood at that crossroads, and for most of that time it’s been in Dwayne Wilkerson’s family… |Read More|

Propagating many plants can be as easy as dividing their roots, bulbs or rhizomes. This single iris clump yielded three large, healthy rhizomes that could be replanted or shared.

Gardens: Want more plants?

If you want more of the plants you love but don’t have a big plant-buying budget, just go forth and multiply the ones you have by using some tried-and-true propagation methods.

Botanical propagation — the process of making new plants from existing ones — is something plants do naturally either by spreading their seeds or spores… |Read More|


Spectacular Stephens Gap

The numerous limestone caverns of Jackson County in northeast Alabama make this area one of the top destinations in the world for spelunking enthusiasts. Cave explorers often endure the discomforts of wet and cold underground chambers, tight passageways and near total darkness in exchange for the thrill of experiencing the majestic and magical grottos they find below. |Read More|

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Traveling with grandchildren

I became a grandmother Jan. 12, 2015, when Ainsley Hazel Moore arrived. One of my dreams for this sweet little girl is for her to enjoy the excitement and adventure of travel like I do and I think she has a pretty good start. She visited eight states her first year! |Read More|

TR_TROUT CLOSE UP 2012-05-146

Outdoors: Trophy trout

People often hear about that novice who fishes five minutes and lands a fish of a lifetime. Sure, that happens occasionally. Anyone who fishes along the Alabama coast could land a giant speckled trout on any cast with any bait on any day, but to consistently catch trophy trout, anglers need to specifically fish for big trout. |Read More|