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    Katie Jackson tells us about Shane Jennings and the Alabama Pomegranate Association's efforts to shine a light on this historic fruit. Learn more

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Toomer’s tradition

This fall, one of Auburn’s most treasured traditions returns as fans will once again flock to the intersection of College and Magnolia to roll the famous Toomer’s Oaks. |Read More|

Alabama Recipes: Muscadines

Muscadine grapes (of which scuppernongs are one variety) are the native grape of the Southeast and have been growing wild all over the region for centuries. Their verdant vines produce round, plump fruit that once nourished Native Americans, and they were… |Read More|

The power of flour

Around 2004, Peggy Sutton started researching more healthful methods of cooking and baking, and uncovered the time-honored tradition of sprouting grains to maximize nutritional benefits and improve digestion of food. |Read More|

Coach’s legacies

Early on in the automobile age, people who needed to carry stuff other than passengers began to adapt car bodies to the task. If you had more riders than cargo, you just put them in the bed in the back… |Read More|

‘Fightin’ Joe’ Wheeler

Civil War cannon firing and mounted cavalry drills by re-enactors will be among the featured activities when the Alabama plantation home of General Joe Wheeler, known as Pond Spring, hosts a celebration of the general’s 180th birthday on Sept. 10. |Read More|

Worth the drive: Graves Grocery

Upon first arriving at Graves Grocery in Lacey’s Spring, one would be forgiven for assuming Idgie Threadgoode and Ruth Jamison are inside frying green tomatoes. Graves Grocery is a dead ringer for Fannie Flagg’s fictional Whistlestop Cafe. |Read More|

Gardens: pomegranates

When Old World settlers arrived in Alabama several hundred years ago, many brought along the fruits from their homelands, including the fabled pomegranate. While those early settlers are long gone, many of those pomegranate trees… |Read More|

Protect the ones you love

Physical exercise and team sports help young people develop friendships, learn about teamwork and encourage healthy lifestyle habits that can last a lifetime. |Read More|

Outdoors: game birds

Alabama sportsmen can target abundant game birds that frequently go unnoticed by others, but provide incredible action. Common and purple gallinules both bear a resemblance to coots. One of the most striking North American game birds, purple gallinules exhibit blue and green body feathers, purple heads, long yellow legs, white rumps and red bills with yellow tips. |Read More|

RACCOON SS76087606

Space invaders

Alabama is blessed with an array of wildlife, from the squirrels, raccoons and skunks to the white-tailed deer. They’re adorable on television, in books and from a distance. But when members of the animal kingdom crawl, climb, dig, gnaw and leap into your dwelling to snag a meal and some shelter, they’re not so cute anymore. You want them away from your home. Fast. Here’s what the experts say you need to know to keep these wildlife invaders out of your space. |Read More|