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Head in the clouds

Growing up in rural Alabama, Jim Voss dreamed of space travel, exploration and life beyond our planet. The prolific reader would immerse himself in science fiction novels, captivated by the idea of one day reaching space. |Read More|


Alabama Recipes: Peaches

Peach season is in full swing. There’s no better time to savor one of our state’s favorite fruits.
Between Montgomery and Birmingham, just off I-65, a giant, yellowish-orangey orb pops out at you, radiant against a summer’s bright blue sky. Every time I see it, it warms me through, but it’s not the sun. It’s a giant peach on a stick. Or more accurately, it’s the city of Clanton’s… |Read More|


Filling the grocery gap

West Alabama town’s abandoned gym has new life, thanks to supermarket
You can’t toss a basketball inside the Marengo County High School gym anymore, but you can find the ingredients for a tossed salad – and a steak and potato to go along with it if you like…. |Read More|

Freight House owner Sandra Sowder sells homemade, 4-layered cakes.

A Dog’s Life

Writer’s beloved companions are metaphors for love and loss
In a culture of oversharing, online and otherwise, readers crave columnist Rheta Grimsley Johnson’s eloquent insights into a complicated and beautiful South.
Her fourth memoir, The Dogs Buried Over the Bridge, (John F. Blair, publisher, $26.95) debuted this spring.|Read More|

SCI_Gulf Coast

Worth the drive: Jefferson Country Store

On Saturdays, when the weather is fine, a pork-scented smoke signal rises from the gravel parking lot at Jefferson Country Store, hailing members of the surrounding Jefferson community. But the 300 or so residents of this unincorporated area in Marengo County don’t need any help finding … |Read More|

Photo by Michael Cornelison

Making the most of rain

My second lesson was in the physics realm. Most rain barrels rely on gravitational flow to empty, which means they either need a motorized pump or must be raised (usually 2 to 3 feet above ground level) to provide sufficient water pressure to irrigate some of my plants. I used cinderblocks to raise my barrels, though if you want a more attractive option… |Read More|