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100 Years of Service

Alabama base educates the Air Force, boosts state economy By Minnie Lamberth “Engine and Aircraft Repair Depot #3” hardly has the prestigious ring you’d expect of a 100-year-old military installation that educates the most esteemed members of the U.S. Air Force and pumps about a billion dollars into the Alabama economy every year. Yet that was the […]

Co-ops come together to respond to hurricanes

By Allison Law When Hurricane Michael was still brewing in the Gulf, Alabama’s rural electric cooperatives were watching carefully, and a massive plan of recovery was already taking shape long before the Category 4 storm made landfall.   From the very beginning of the rural electrification program in the 1930s, electric cooperatives have relied on […]

Jerky’s No Joke

Once a pioneer staple, jerky is now a popular nutritional snack By Jennifer Kornegay While several national brands use humorous commercials to promote their products, jerky is no joke; it’s big business. Jerky is essentially dried meat; the removal of water and usually, addition of salt, preserves it, extending its shelf life. Even though no […]

The King of Crowns

South Alabama attorney’s pageant coaching inspires another TV series   By Stephanie Snodgrass One day, Andalusia’s Bill Alverson is just an attorney whose accidental hobby as a pageant coach is just something he loves to do. The next, a seven-page feature in The New York Times chronicling his pageant coaching story of Miss America wins […]

To the Rescue

Transport group helps animals find forever homes By John N. Felsher Almost every day, someone abandons a pet to fend for itself. These animals wander around looking for whatever food they can scrounge and frequently cause trouble. Many die of starvation, sickness or other causes. Animal shelter workers pick up some animals, but many shelters […]

Alabama Snapshot: Honoring Veterans

Submit Your Images! January Theme: “Snow Day” Deadline for Jan: Nov 30 Submit photos online: or send color photos with a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Photos, Alabama Living, P.O. Box 244014 Montgomery, AL 36124 Rules: Alabama Living will pay $10 for photos that best match our theme of the month. Photos may also be […]

Memories of hunting season

Driving through the heart of Alabama recently I saw more than a few big pickups with dog crates in the beds. Hunting season. I don’t hunt. At least not anymore I used to hunt, but I never worked to become good at it. I’m sorta like the old preacher who was such a poor […]

Casting for inner peace

Guide hopes to help veterans through fishing Standing in a boat on a beautiful reservoir and casting a fishing rod doesn’t seem that incredible for most people. Millions of anglers do it every day across the country, but Ruben Pedro took a long time to reach Neely Henry Lake. No, the drive to the Coosa […]

Nuts about Nuts

  BY JENNIFER KORNEGAY Food/Photography BY BROOKE ECHOLS We use the word “nuts” as a blanket term to refer to a group of edible items that are actually not all the same thing. Take a container of mixed nuts: Peanuts are legumes (in the same family as many beans); cashews are the seeds of a […]

Houseplants are perfect winter companions

Winter is coming, a time when the doldrums can set in and when plant lovers often find themselves in need of an indoor gardening project. I know just the “project”: adopt a houseplant! Not only can houseplants help us get a winter gardening fix, they also provide many other benefits including improving indoor air quality […]

Efficient holiday lighting options

By Pat Keegan and Brad Thiessen Question: My husband and I love decorating our home with holiday lights every year, but I feel guilty about the higher energy bill we get in January. How can we light up the holidays without wasting electricity? Answer: It’s a shame that holiday lighting can lead to higher energy […]

Alabama’s international artist

Few Alabamians are known by only one name, but then very few can command the international reputation of the artist Nall. Born Fred Nall Hollis in Troy in 1948, he has been creating art in a variety of genres for more than 50 years, from paintings, mosaics and line engravings to sculpture, glassware and jewelry. […]

Worth the Drive: 50 Taters

Comfort food in a rustic atmosphere. Among the different restaurants in Scottsboro, 50 Taters stands out as a warm, inviting place to dine. The down-home appearance is evident throughout the property: From the rustic water tower and old pickup truck at the front of the place, to walls decorated with old movie posters, to the […]