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Taylor Hicks

The “American Idol” season 5 winner, who grew up in Alabama, is no stranger to being fussed over. It’s been 10 years since his win on the singing competition TV series, but he’s been anything but idle in the years since: Broadway, a two-year stint in Las Vegas, touring, writing music, some TV and acting appearances. |Read More|

Brewing up business

Beer, wine and spirits production in Alabama is a growing business segment, one quickly becoming a significant piece of the state’s economic puzzle. Thanks to a loosening of liquor laws over the last seven years, we’re experiencing a craft-brewery boom. It started with only one in 2008. After a few years of fermentation, there are now more than 28 (with a few more set to open soon) scattered all over the state. |Read More|

Campfire cooking

Food cooked over an open flame has remained popular long past the era when it was the only option. Making meals outside is no longer a necessity, but a treat, in part, because a flickering fire’s intense heat sears quickly and seals in ingredients’ moisture and inherent goodness. |Read More|

Worth the drive: The Waysider

The historic restaurant, popular for its bountiful breakfasts and its biscuits, is actually in an old house, and the crimson-red, wooden cottage with its houndstooth awning feels like home to plenty of others too, as evidenced by the many regulars who return week after week to fill up on Southern first-meal favorites. |Read More|

Skeet shooting

Shooting skeet, sporting clays or trap is excellent practice for the coming dove, duck and quail season. It is also great recreation for anyone with no interest in hunting but who enjoys the shooting sports. |Read More|

Co-ops VOTE!

While the November presidential race is at the top of most voters’ minds this election season, it is the state and local races that have a more direct and immediate impact on the “kitchen table” issues that matter most to families in rural America. |Read More|

Carnegie’s legacy

In the closing years of the 19th century and early years of the 20th century, a total of 2,509 Carnegie libraries were built around the world, 1,689 in the U.S. Alabama was the recipient of 19 library building grants… |Read More|

Gardens: The luck of leaves

According to my husband (and other sources of folklore) it’s lucky to catch a falling autumn leaf before it hits the ground — a month’s worth of luck for each leaf caught, in fact. |Read More|

Outdoors: NaturePlex explored

“The AWF is the oldest and largest non-profit citizen’s conservation organization in Alabama,” says Tim Gothard, the AWF executive director. “AWF was founded by hunting and angling conservationists who were passionate about the outdoors and wanted to bring back the abundant wildlife resources they remembered… |Read More|

It’s pickin’ time

In 1956, my Daddy’s tractor business went bottom up – a victim of recession and a switch from row crops to pine trees. So Daddy went back to teaching school, which was what he did before trying his hand at business. |Read More|

My first car was a 1972 Pontiac Lemans GT purchased at the Pontiac dealership in Brewton in 1972. SUBMITTED BY Melvin Cofield, Repton.


My first car |See More|