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Made-in-Alabama film released

Alabama filmmaker Renee Williams is celebrating the recent national release of her first feature film “Traces of Indignity,” produced by ClassA Entertainment. Talent from across Alabama and the Southeast can be seen in the direct-to-video film, which was shot almost entirely in Montgomery. “My goal as a writer, producer, and director working in the Southeast […]

Swarming bees are nothing to fear

Each spring, healthy colonies of honeybees swarm – their natural way to procreate. While it’s vital for the colonies to swarm, the mere thought of thousands of bees in close proximity causes home and business owners to become fearful, especially if children are nearby. But please, don’t kill the bees. That’s the word from Vince […]

This month in Alabama History: May 18, 1933

Congress created the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the nation’s largest public power company. Congress charged the TVA, a New Deal agency, with regulating the flow and navigation of the Tennessee River, producing inexpensive hydroelectric power, developing chemical fertilizers, conserving natural resources, and increasing industrial development in the valley. The valley, which was deeply affected by […]

Social Security honors and supports military members

Every year, on Memorial Day, the nation honors service members who have given their lives for our freedom. Social Security acknowledges the sacrifice of our military’s service members, and we honor these heroes and their families who may need help through the benefits we provide. Widows, widowers, and their dependent children may be eligible for […]

Alabama is for the birds

Top 10 spring migration destinations for birding By Angela Minor | Photos by Michael Todd When warm weather arrived at my grandparents’ north Alabama home, the ice cream maker appeared on the patio. It was time to hand crank some homemade deliciousness. This seemingly endless process, however, was always delayed by some mysterious bird in […]

Farms in the family

Alabama pays tribute to its Bicentennial farms By Jim Plott Before Alabama became a state in 1819 and the outbreak of the “Alabama fever” that would follow, many families had already moved west to what was then the Mississippi Territory. Obtaining land patents, three families migrated from Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia to establish new […]

Rural dental care a challenge in Alabama

By M.J. Ellington Each workday morning, Dr. Dwayne Albritton leaves his home in the greater Birmingham area and heads to his general dentistry office. Three days a week, the office is a few miles away. Two days of his work week, however, his office is 60 miles away in a different county. Mondays, Tuesdays and […]

Shakes that take the cake (and put them on top)

By Jennifer Kornegay In the dessert realm, milkshakes are fairly humble concoctions. They lack the fanfare of an expertly iced, lofty layer cake. They don’t require the skill that’s behind a flaky pastry or a perfect pie crust filled with rich custard or succulent seasonal fruits. Milk plus ice cream plus a sufficient “shaking” (or […]

Alabama People: William E. “Bill” Barrick

Dr. William E. “Bill” Barrick is an expert on garden plants and design, but he’s also a believer that gardens are places for people as much as for plants. That belief has constantly informed his 40-plus year career as an award-winning horticulturist and public garden director, first at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Ga., and […]

WTD: Payne’s

Still a favorite hangout for ice cream, good food By Aaron Tanner Payne’s Soda Fountain and Sandwich Shop celebrates 150 years in Scottsboro this year. Founded originally as Payne’s Drug Store in 1869 by Civil-War veteran William Henry Payne, it is the oldest continuously operated business in Scottsboro and Jackson County and is also believed […]

UTI problems are common in cats but why?

In the days of my frequent travels, I noticed an interesting phenomenon. Every time the suitcases came out, our cat Rabi (another Siamese cross) would start visiting the litter box often, and pass small amounts of blood-tinged urine. Many cat owners have experienced this. According to one study by pet-insurance groups, a bladder problem […]

Fishing for channel catfish fun for any level of angler

Many people start fishing by catching channel catfish. Unfortunately, most grow out of chasing catfish as they turn to other species, but this fish can still provide incredible excitement and excellent table fare. One of the most widespread and abundant game fish in North America, channel cats populate just about every freshwater system in Alabama. […]

Southern haiku

You can pretty much count renowned Southern poets on one hand. Or at least I can. And Southern poets who write in the ancient Japanese form, haiku, one finger. Or at least I can. (You know who you are.) So, you can imagine my surprise when I was going through some old notes and found […]

Keep cool for less

By Pat Keegan and Brad Thiessen Q: We moved into our home last spring. It’s pretty new and seems well-insulated in winter. But it was hot last summer, so we had to run the A/C a lot, and the electric bills were a killer. Do you have any tips on how we can cool our home […]

Festive and flavorful

The almost-endless array of Tex-Mex dishes makes it effortless to enjoy the cuisine’s festive flavors as often as you like. BY JENNIFER KORNEGAY | STYLING/PHOTOS BY BROOKE ECHOLS Long before “Taco Tuesday” became a thing, Old El Paso was making it easy for moms (or dads) everywhere to make a meal that was simple to […]

Composting: Making food for the soil

The fresh fruits and vegetables coming into season this time of year provide an abundance of food for the soul, but they also create an abundance of peels, shucks, seeds and other kitchen waste. Rather than throwing that residue into the trash, consider turning it into food for the soil. Organic kitchen waste as well […]

Snapshots: Flower Garden

Submit Your Images! July Theme: “At the beach” Deadline for July: May 31 Submit photos online: or send color photos with a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Photos, Alabama Living, P.O. Box 244014 Montgomery, AL 36124 Rules: Alabama Living will pay $10 for photos that best match our theme of the month. Photos may also […]