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    What could be better than starting the day with a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice? Katie Jackson shares some tips so you can have citrus in your very own backyard. Learn more

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    From appetizers to pie, check out our selection of recipes from Alabama’s most talented cooks. Send us your favorites! Learn more

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Small town life through a lens

In the early 1930s, Draffus Lamar Hightower purchased a camera. The rest, as they say, is history. For the next several decades, Hightower chronicled on film the essence of everyday life in a small but vibrant southern town and the surrounding rural southeast Alabama landscape. |Read More|

A barrel of laughs

A second-generation rodeo entertainer, McFarland was able to hone the skills that would launch his career while growing up in Cody, Wyoming, the Rodeo Capital of the World. Instead of teaching McFarland how to play sports, his father, Sid, trained him to break conventional rules, parlaying his knack for “clowning around” into a successful career entertaining audiences near and far. |Read More|

Worth the drive: Kora’s Place 

Serving soul food with compassion, Cora’s Place in Demopolis is a downhome treasure, NBC’s weatherman, Al Roker agrees. |Read More|

Recipes: Pucker Up

You’ve probably heard this old adage many times. It’s really not about the tart, sunny yellow citrus. It’s offered as encouragement to push through a difficult time. But I’d like to look at it literally. I’d like to encourage you to actually make lemonade out of your lemons, with the emphasis on “make.” |Read More|

Alabama People: Garlan Gudger

Garlan Gudger, co-owner of Southern Accents Architectural Antiques in Cullman, has built a national reputation in the architectural salvage business. He’s one of the curators of Southern Makers,… |Read More|

Outdoors: In touch with nature 

The Five Rivers Delta Resource Center covers 80 acres of reclaimed marshes along U.S. Highway 98, more commonly known as Battleship Parkway or the Causeway. The complex between Mobile and Spanish Fort will celebrate its 10th anniversary on April 13, 2017. |Read More|

Gardens: Grow your own sunshine 

What could be better than starting the day with a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice? Squeezing that juice from an orange harvested right outside your door, of course, which is more possible than you might imagine.  |Read More|

Consumer Wise: Energy efficient trees 

Late winter and early spring are great times to think about changes you want to make to your home’s landscape. While the goal of most lawn and garden projects is to bring beauty to your outdoor space, a well-designed project can also improve your energy bill, increase the overall value of your home and provide additional benefits, such as reduced noise pollution, optimized water use and cleaner air around your home. |Read More|

True Grits

The wooden floor shakes beneath your feet, and the air seems a bit heavy, thanks to the dust kicked up from the fresh-ground corn. The rhythmic metallic clinks of the machinery, which turn hundreds of pounds of dried corn into mounds of fluffy, earthy meal, ring in your mind, even after you leave. This practice of milling grain, a technology that dates to the ancient mills that came to this country with immigrants, continues today, relatively unchanged for hundreds of years. |Read More|

Healthy Living

Having and keeping adequate health care locally available is a difficult challenge in many of Alabama’s rural areas. Local health care is more than just having practitioners to provide the major health care needs of local residents. |Read More|

Hardy Jackson’s Alabama

Church ladies taught the children, organized the events, fed the bereaved families after funerals, and did the church doings that wouldn’t get done if it were left to the men. |Read More|