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Iron Chef

Your grandmother knew what she was doing. Cast iron is the original non-stick cookware, meaning you can use far less oil or fat when preparing everything from chicken thighs to veggies in your skillet, but that’s only one of its health benefits.

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A soldier’s story


The son, a decorated officer who once served in Korea, pursued an education. His father, country-boy poor, had only the glory of being among the heroes of often-forgotten World War I.

Almost a century later, the younger soldier set out to make things right.

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Stars fell on Alabama



Ann Hodges was napping in her living room when the meteorite hit. With an estimated speed exceeding 200 mph, the grapefruit-sized intergalactic rock punctured her roof, bounced off a radio console, and hit the Sylacauga woman in the thigh and hand. She recovered from the injury but never overcame the visitor from outer space.

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