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Sweet Home Alabama

Bread Pudding photo by Allison Griffin

By Jennifer Kornegay

Who doesn’t love dessert? Whether you prefer a thick, icing-covered chunk of cake, a warm wedge of pie or a scoop of frosty ice cream, these sugary sensations are the perfect punctuation points to end any meal. Calm your craving for the sweet life and cap your dining out adventures with some of Alabama’s best confectionary creations.

Bread Pudding

Our Place, Wetumpka

Dense, rich and subtly sweet, this old-fashioned after-dinner indulgence is done simply and done right at this charming intimate restaurant in downtown. 334-567-8778

Peach Ice Cream

Peach Park. Photo by Jennifer Kornegay.

Peach Park, Clanton

Chilton County’s prized peaches find their perfect expression in the light and fresh ice cream created at Peach Park. It’s laced with a barely-there sugary sweet but bursting with bright, just-picked peach flavor. 205-755-2065

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pie

Original Oyster House, Gulf Shores

There are few flavors that play as well together as milk chocolate and peanut butter, and when the Original Oyster House marries the happy couple (with a shot of Kahlua to keep ‘em cozy) and places them in a crushed-cookie pie shell, the match reaches must-eat status.

Coconut Cake

Coffee Well, Gadsden

3 Georges. Photo by Jennifer Kornegay.

Coconut can evoke strong reactions; most folks either love it or hate it. If you fall into the “love it” camp, the coconut cake at this local gathering spot is your dream come true. Moist, milky white cake with a hint of the tropical treat’s taste is layered with thick sour cream icing and generously dusted with shredded coconut.

Heavenly Hash

Three Georges, Mobile

This cute candy shop in downtown Mobile has been handcrafting bites of delight, including fudge and its Heavenly Hash, a concoction of marshmallows and pecans smothered in chocolate, for more than 90 years.

Black Bottom Pie

Black Bottom Pie. Photo by Jennifer Kornegay
Black Bottom Pie. Photo by Jennifer Kornegay

Gaines Ridge Dinner Club, Camden

Owner Betty Kennedy makes her restaurant’s Black Bottom Pie the same way her mom did, infusing a heavy egg custard with rum and resting it on a dark-chocolate coated gingersnap crust before blanketing it all with whipped cream.

What’s your favorite sweet treat in our state?

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