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Snapshots: Santa through the years

with the Alabama Living staff family

DeAnn Weston Savage, older sister of art director Danny Weston, did not like this particular Santa. She was 4 years old the Christmas of 1978.

Emmie Echols’ (5 months) first Christmas, 2017. Mom is Brooke Echols, graphic designer/advertising coordinator.

Gage Stewart’s (5 months) first, Christmas, 2018. Mom is Laura Stewart, communications coordinator/youth tour director.

Managing Editor Allison Law’s cat, Moe, was not too happy with Santa in this photo, taken for a pet charity fundraiser in 2009.

Creative director Mark Stephenson’s children with Santa, December 1999. Amelia (3 years), Laurel (5), Philip (7) and Jessica (3 months).

Alabama Living Editor Lenore Vickrey visits a Pennsylvania department store Santa, Christmas 1956.